Voice channel&few other problems ;(

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Drunken Nelson
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Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:30 pm

Hi all!
I hope i choose corectly section.
RO2 like RS/2 is game with team work > so its perfect to use voice chat (asspecialy when im drunk as always xD) .
Befor I used my headphones and cut cabel 2nd time i used voice chat to coordinate other people or just talk what to do. Now i fu***in can't. Writting is horrible mistake, coz' trying to write something fast and next 2nd die coz' enyme get in the room...

Now use blueutooth headphones (for cellphone creative outlier sports ). I bought usb bluetooth (Asus usb-bt400 bluetooth 4.0 usb adapter) to use this headphones with PC.
Actually everything work (teamspeak, skype, and steam microphone settings) but of course not in RO2 xF
After push caps lock button i cant hear anything, or something switch to listen something like radio voice -not somebody talk but just game sounds. Of course nobody hear what im talking...

2nd problem:
I love use sniper rifles, but sometimes got problem with "black scope" ones is black other time green like in nightvision - after use scope there is no zoom - just black screen xF
I know to fix it is drop it and pick it up - but very often after drop rifle just disappears o.0

3rd problem:
How to turn it off? special in bridges map, i cant see anything in 1m but enyme from 100m can see everything -wtf? Its really unfair.

Thx from the advance <3

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Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:28 pm

Concerning the second problem, it's a glitch that just happens with scoped rifles. They usually don't disappear when dropping if you aren't prone or crouched. You can try turning up the texture quality too.

About the grass, that's just the way the game is. Sure, its unfair, but it's like this for everyone else too.

Drunken Nelson
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Tue Dec 25, 2018 12:48 am

hmm sure, but every settings of graphic a i have the highest ;/
Somebody told me on server its possible to turn it off by using nvidia inspector blablabla... i have no idea how to do this...
Any way - most important for me is this voice chat. Its freaking me out xF

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