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Sat Apr 27, 2019 8:28 pm

Player: SgtMarazm
Offence: intentional misuse of TL role

First of all, USA managed to defend on Saipan which I TL'ed, then due to a lot of newbies decided to attack Guadal channel. At that moment some player on Jap side complained how divided screwed Jap's with making them defend $hIt territories. I didn't assume TL role, so after we managed to take B, SgtMarazm, took TL. We took A shortly after with no recon or arty. When attacking C, SgtMarazm called arty on the left flank (behind A) (ok, it happens, even I screw an arty from time to time). However, when we were attacking D, SgtMarazm decided to call arty on top of us. And that's when I took a screen shot.

BRD GmbH told me he is a Jap player. So with that, I'm speculating: "Best way to ensure Jap victory is to make sure USA wastes arty (C), Oh wait, why just waist it when I can kill USA with it, (D)"
Despite previous warnings to switch roles, he remained. So we tried to vote to kick him, however, newbies being newbies, don't know how to, so I copy pasted a massage and started spamming it. Yes I spammed, you may reprimand me as you'd like but I deemed it necessary. Not to mention despite my spamming, we did not manage to kick him.
He left the role upon receiving 8th votekick. I command typed "suicide", assumed TL role, only to discover arty, recon and force spawn were all ready.

One thing is having a noob TL, another is when you waist an arty via misclick, but to switch sides, to take TL just to mess with the "enemy" team.

Since my point is hard to prove, I suggest a formal warning against SgtMarazm should suffice.


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Sat Apr 27, 2019 9:40 pm

Thank you for the report. We will look into it and take the necessary action.

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