Multiple Intentional Teamkillers

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Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:18 pm

Today I spend 5 hours playing on your server. Because there was no commander role I picked it, led, commanded, and directed the team. I guess people don't like being told directions or I guess my voice irritates people as the Szc23 guy said in VOIP: "Homo Shut up" every single time I gave direction or told my team that where arty/recon is coming. He then Team killed me 3 times from close range.
I think Szc23 left after I said "Teamkilling is punishable by bad" Nam decided to TK me over and over (5 times). Nam even said in chat: "NEVER GETS OLD TO TK U" - Paul took care of him after I reported it on discord, but Szc23 "got away"

For the next 2 games, things were calm. Paul joined the server and was close by to keep an eye on things but soon after it repeated. I was approached by Bacon209 we talked in VOIP Local chat (how's the war, enjoy the game etc) at my radio. I gave him an order to defend D as it was being attacked and before Bacon left, he TKed another guy 7 m away in front of me. I took to VOIP Team: "Bacon do not teamkill. Intentional Teamkilling is not allowed and it will result in a ban", he came back apologized in local but I stood firm as no teamkilling. The reason being he was level 6.... He doesn't know better. However, saying "No teamkilling" in VOIP Team chat triggered some people....

Here comes Dodgem who started Teamkiiling me over and over (6 times and possble more if I didn't ran away from granades), he also came to my radio and threw grenades at me. I TKed him once while retreating from the nades he tossed at my radio. To make matters worse, at the very end of the game when we ran out of tickets I had Napalm, Arty, Recon ready. As I was about finished calling bombing run he TKed me yet again. Skrewing the entire team from any arty&recon support. At this point, I was Talking about Paul about him taking me, and as Paul asked me if I was sure he teamkills were intentional.... He teamkilled me. Anyway, Aether was there, saw it, and even confirmed my side of the story.

I ask, and demand for short ban for Szc23 and a permanent ban for Nam & Dodgem. Not only I warned Dodgem multiple times, he kept teamkilling me, and of all things, right infront of at least 2 Admins.... Multiple times...
Not to mention Dodgem's squad was named N1ggers (check the picture).

I've always did my best to hold back and only tked (kill the people who are activly running after me) after they fire/throw nades at me. In the future the 2nd time I will get intentional teamkilled...Especially if I'm a TL... I'll continue reporting it, but I will also leave my role as a TL and go on a personal revenge mission. I won't let another troll have his way. Today, we lost 3 rounds because of trolls teamkilling their commanders. Not only it makes me angry because I feel like I let my team down, and knowing we stood a chance for victory but it was taken away because of this a-holes.... The whole team suffers as well. So that campaign is lost...

Yes I know this is just a game but this is getting ridiculous and today happened in almost every match....

And no, I don't know why these people TeamKill me. Some remember me as I play on this server often and I also take TL role, because I have a mic, understand the game and like to coordinate, those are friendly interaction. It could be they hate me because they were on the other team when my team steamrolled them, or they simply love TKing me. I wish I knew, but some people will just be a-holes online because it's "fun" and it's anonymous. Well... Only Nam told me why he loves TKing me. "Never get's old" (probably did it before)

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Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:23 am


Before I joined the server I toke care of Nam. The initial evidence on Szc23 was not convincing, there was only one screenshot which only confirmed 1 teamkill and said nothing about the circumstances.
Since Szc23 already left there was no need to take direct action.

As for Dodgem, I can't play and keep an constant eye on the killfeed. When you reported it on the server I saw it happen in the killfeed once but still wanted to know what happened before I issue a ban. That is why I asked.
I need to be sure I dont take action when it's just a mistake.

I understand it must have been a very frustrating evening on the server. Still, I ask you not to go on revenge teamkilling, a troll does not care if he gets teamkilled. He would probably enjoy teamkilling you even more. Just post one or two screenshots (preferable one with the killfeed) in our discord and explain short what happened, that is the fastest way to deal with this. Even though I believe you, without evidence I can't do much. Also I was the only admin online at that moment, not everyone with the D tag wants to be an admin.

I think they choise you as a target because you where playing an important role and where communicating with your team. Asking for marks, telling people where to go etc. That is something we encourage on our server. If some people don't like that and want to play in complete silence they should just adjust their sound settings.

I will go over your post and add/extend bans where needed.

Thanks you for reporting, hope to see you again on the server.

Best regards,

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Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:57 am

Good day,

Yes, for the first teamkills I just forgive it because mistakes can happen. However as he proceded to tk, and screenshot wasn't working at that time, I used my phone. However it's beyond difficult to report (upload) pic on discord because out of 4 pictures only 1 sent other wire "too big for discord" not to mention because of my internet, while uploading it threw me out "lost connection". Joggling between commanding, calling support, avoiding being TK and reporting it is almost impossible task to do at once. I can only do the full report after I close the game, upload pics and explain in full detail.

Yes, I was a server admin before, so Paul I understand it's hard to see teamkills happening when you are playing the game on your own as well because you can't pay 100% to killfeed and play effectivly.

Paul, or any other. If situation like this repeats and I'm overwelmed being teamkilled, I will do what I said. If you need to ban me for teamkilling the teamkillers then do it. I'm no different nor do I ask for any "Special treatment".
Also yes, I did say to Szc23, "You can mute me", however his peanut size brain failled to recognize that he is capable to do that or was too intent to griff and troll because he is a "comedic genius".

Sometimes I get a mic bug and I offer my role to anyone willing to take it. Simply because I feel responsible for 32 players and if I can't give 100% to work together for victory then why should I lead when there's someone else who can do the role better. But that's just me, I often put others first.

The game is fun when it's fair, when teams clash and push objectives and both tickets run out and it is intense. But simply being a troll and teamkill is only fun to little kids and grown up failed aborted fetuses who find poop jokes to be hilarious and best thing since they discovered they can make those noises with their armpits. Having them throw granades to your radio while you're calling arty and to do nothing but screenshot the teamkills, so I can report the guy is a step backwards. Killing him before he threw granade ment I was safe, didn't had to run away from the radio nor did my team suffer from it. I will continue defending myself even if that includes firing first at the known teamkiller who is running towards me just to teamkill me. (why else would you run directly at the TL who is far away from the first line).

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