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ATTENTION - We take this seriously!

I want to welcome and thank you for being interested in joining us.

As the leader of this group, it is my priority to inform you before joining us, that it's extremely important for us that you are/will be active on Discord and this forum, as those two are our main tools for communication. If you do not have Discord please read this thread here: Discord Community

Who we are?
We are a friendly group of players who are interested in Red Orchestra 2 game. We are focusing on map tactics, good communication between us when we are playing, different positions on maps and much more. We've been together for almost 2 years and Divided is now the home for many brave soldiers.

Along with trying to be active on forums and Discord, we are looking for players who are capable of playing a few times per week, who have a microphone and use it, and to be mature & have the desire to become better at this game in a friendly environment. Your age or in-game level don't matter.

After applying you will be on trial for an undetermined period of time where we will see how you fit in with the group. After the trial is over you are a full member of Divided and you can play with us on competitive matches!

Now go ahead and make an application post here. Start a new thread, and briefly describe who you are, where you are from, and why you want to join us.

Important: It is highly recommended that you spend some time with us on discord before applying.