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Read our rules and the way we handle our servers.
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Because we want to be transparent, we decided to make this post so that everyone knows the way we admin the server and what our rules are.

Public players and members of this website should feel free to provide constructive feedback on this forum. Any changes or ideas you might have, we encourage you to tell us on the "Suggestions&Complains" forum. We are open-minded and want everyone to feel great on our servers.

Server Rules/Guidelines/How we admin:

1. Respect all players, especially the low level newbs.
Not all the players can be as good as you, and if you constantly keep saying "noob team", "retarded team", "fucking noob idiots", you clearly are no help for the team. Yes, there are noobs, but most of them will learn to play if you are nice to them. Considering the game has such a small player base, you are just driving people away, and we don't like that.

2. Intentional TK's.
TK's happen a lot, especially when the server has a lot of new players, and they want to throw miraculous grenades everywhere or they don't make the difference between axis and allies. But intentional TK's out of anger are not allowed.

3. Mic/Voip spam.
We absolutely hate it when you start talking random shit during the game. We have no problem if you start some nazi/soviet song when the map ends or if you hohohoho at end of RS map, but don't do that during the game, focus on the map and trying to win. You WILL get muted/kicked/banned if you don't stop.

4. Spawn Killing.
This has been discussed a lot and we allow it on our server. If someone manages to sneak behind enemy lines, it is your fault of not taking care of the flanks, or communicating with the team letting everyone know what someone is trying to do. Even so, you have 6 seconds protection after you leave the spawn, basically invincible. So don't cry too much, and work together with the team and try to kill the enemy.

PLEASE NOTE: Spawn camping the tank with satchels/at nades/at rifle on Bridges/Myshkova (where tank won't have any infantry support) is NOT allowed.

5. Any Names.
To clarify a thing, we are not racists and we don't allow racism. Everyone has their personal views about religion/politics/war and so on, but keep them to yourself. But if you want to play as Rommel or Zhukov, or Adolf or Stalin, we have no problem with that. It's a WW2 game, and there are those "roleplayers" who want to add those names. Perfectly fine with us, just don't start racist discussions on the server. For that, you WILL get kicked/banned.

6. How we handle TL's, SL's.
We try to help everyone become better and learn the game and we share this view between everyone in this group. The game has a small player base, and in our opinion, if you keep yelling at people, you don't achieve anything. Instead, we try and learn everyone the best we can. If we see a level 30 SL or TL who wants to try the role, we do our best to help him and expect everyone on the server to do the same. If he doesn't want to be cooperative or talk/learn what we explain, and see that he does more bad than good, then we reserve the right to ask him to change the role politely or kick him.

7. Balance.
We try as much as possible to balance the teams. Whenever we join the server, we try to spread out between Axis/Allies and take the important roles. But 99% of the players, don't want to lose ever. Even if Axis won the last 7 maps, but lost the 8th map, axis players will start "balance the teams please". Remember, this game is about having fun, communication and trying your best to win. You can't win every single map because it depends on a lot of factors.

8. The presence of admins.
We don't want to make it public on the server in any way that we are admins. You won't see any messages about admins being on the server, but we do watch everything, and you can be sure that most times we have someone there. Whatever problem you have, just ask for an admin.

Also: Listen to what =D= members tell you. If you we give you a verbal/text warning about something, listen to it.