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Sat Apr 20, 2019 1:08 pm

Hello everyone, I also registered to discuss the switch to map voting (even if I'm a bit late to the party).
In addition to having much less players than usual, the map vote mode is (as someone said on the first page) completely different from the campaign mode, in that campaign really creates higher stakes for the teams, with everything that goes with it, from strategy to camaraderie after playing a few rounds with the same people in your team.

The only thing that I really appreciate with the map vote system is the opportunity to play custom maps, some of which are really a great experience. In my opinion, those should be added to campaign mode if it ever comes back.

I don't play very often, but as others already said, many thanks to the Divided team for keeping the RS and RO servers up. I've only discovered this game last year and I've had a very fun time here.

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Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:46 pm


Glad to see you guys brainstorming. I'll have to be quick
"Communication and organisation" in USA team is nearly impossible. Sure I can blast the voice chat, "Sl 1 move to possition inside C left house, SL 2, I need you right flank ****, Sl 3 move forward push them out, SL 4 I need you center, hold ground, Recon is up, update your arty marks, Sl1 move arty mark to right flank, SL 3 that's to far back, need arty danger close, SL 4, Give me a mark you lard!"

Notice anything? Can you play, listen for gunfire, think, and focuse while 1 guy "gives orders" 24/7.
I used to tell squad leaders where to go, hell even market them a map marker but IT DOESN'T WORK IF THE TEAM YOU ARE COMMANDING DOES NOT LISTEN!

I bet 22 could be a TL for USA, give them orders but in the end they will lose because only 20% of them team listened to him and only 1 squad leader followed his orders and only 2 squad leaders gave him an arty mark.

A TL is only good as his team is. If team is good, SL's stay alive and good spots and give me marks, all I have to do is "Recon up, arty in 30, enemy pushing right flank" and let people play the game, instead of listening my orders non follow.

How do I know people don't follow orders? "SL 4 (his name), do you copy?" -no response, "SL 4 (say his name again) attack D" - no response. Either they have me muted or chose to ignore me. That is what often happens, so when I see good players taking SL roles, I start giving more precise orders. This applies to any team I lead.

Also some good ideas:
-Making the SL and especially TL role locked for very low lvl's, so when you advance to rank, for example 40, you can take SL and similar on TL.
(agreed, lock it ! )

- In case of team stacking, reducing the artillery and recon delay. (I suggest we decrease recon time first, arty spam does not seem fair but if our team can see where they are pushing we might stand a chance (arty time reduction max 30 sec of the time we have atm)

- In case of team stacking, increasing the weaker team tickets, and decreasing the round time so attackers would have harder time. (in 3 consecutive losses, the defending team map should reduce max time by 5 min, anything more I doubt it would be fair)

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Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:30 pm

G_84 spoke to me and we talked about this issue of imbalance. He pointed out there are people who ONLY play 1 faction. I think 2 or 3 so far admitted playing only Japs. That is worrying, we are here because of veteran players actions. Noobs are noobs, can't blame them for being bad, but veteran players should have a sense of the game and know when one side needs balance.

If you only play Jap's, perhaps it's time to change that if and when we get campaign back. It doesn't help to have 15 veterans on Jap's side and 8 on USA. Perhaps that's why some people hate the idea of Auto ballance because then they wouldn't get to play the favorite faction. BUT it's a mechanic that we need to get the balance because just like G_84 said, some people just don't give a F*** about "balance".

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Fri Apr 26, 2019 1:47 pm

RS server 3 has Campain back.

I ask of all of you please play it fair, join the team that is doing worse, be helpful to newbies and do not be toxic.
With that said....

Enjoy the game and keep it ballanced. We all know, the tighter (the round/campain) is the better for everyone involved ;)

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