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Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:23 pm

Some of you may have noticed that yesterday, 6th of July (the day of the Victory parade in Berlin) was a bad day for us because our website has been hacked. Unfortunately, we lost a lot of data. In simple terms, the hackers managed to get inside the server through some vulnerabilities in the website (probably some plugin) and deleted absolutely everything.

The hosting company which we used to host the website are some retards (Hostwinds - YEAH FUCK YOU) and they don't have any backups of the website at all, unless you pay for it, even though on their website it is said it is INCLUDED and there is no visible option to buy a backup.

Anyway, I told them to fuck off and purchased a new hosting account with a different company, which is more expensive but safer. Luckily the database which contains all the posts and users remained safe, so I could restore the website.

IMPORTANT: Even though the hackers managed to delete everything, they couldn't access the MySQL database, so all your information is safe. You can log in with the account you had before, normally. The only problem is that any post or topic that contained images has been lost, because the images were saved on the server, and they got deleted. That means your avatar images as well, so please update them if you want.

SAFETY & OPTIMIZATION: I increased the security measures everywhere, I bought as an extra a virus scanner which scans daily for any modifications of the internal files, I deleted absolutely all the plugins we used before, so now the website is plugin-free, and for the geeks, I also added the site to CloudFlare CDN so the loading speed of the website increases.

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