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Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:05 pm

Even though our name of the group is "Divided" we are united in everything that is Red Orchestra 2 related and we absolutely try as best as we can to keep this game alive.

We are the only group in Europe that is keeping the competitive scene alive through different Tournaments, Leagues, and Cups, like the last Rifle Cup, where we had 21 teams signing up! We absolutely love the competitive side of this game, and if you have a group of players, you should try it as well!

Regarding our servers, today 7th of July, we moved all our servers which we were hosting in the UK to a new location, in Germany.
We absolutely want everyone to play under the best conditions with good ping, and on greatly optimized servers!

Right now our 3 servers named:
-Divided | EU #1 Stalingrad
-Divided | EU #2 Stalingrad [Custom Maps]
-Divided | EU #3 Banzai

are being hosted on the following rig:
* i7 6th generation i7-6700K 4.0 GhZ
* 32GB RAM
* 3x 250 GB SSD (each SSD hosting 1 server)

For the nerds out there, we have higher than basic tickrate THAT IS ACTUALLY RUNNING AT THAT TICKRATE ! Previously, anyone could set the tickrate to 100 or even 1000, but the server will never RUN that tickrate if the CPU is not able to. We did a lot of tests to optimize it perfectly, and everything runs perfectly smooth especially if you are located in Europe.

We also limit our pings across the servers to a maximum of 200. Because, if you are on a map like Bridges and there is also artillery going on and you have 5 players with a ping of 600, everyone's ping will increase.

So please, share a bit of love towards our efforts and visit our servers, since, with this change, our servers are not ranked anymore on GameTracker and if you want you could also buy us a beer through the Paypal donation button on the right side :)

Thank you,
Divided Group.

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