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Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:33 am

This was announced a while back on Discord but should have its own thread here.

On all our servers we now run a plugin called the Divided Extension. The Extension provides a number of features on our RO2/RS1 servers that freshen up the game, which has not received any updates since 2015.

Features include:
  • -1 bug fixing: When -1 happens, the tickets on the team with less than 0 tickets has their ticket counter returned to 0, meaning the rounds end when they should.

    Hopeless attack: When there is no chance for the attacking team to win the round is ended. For example if there was 5 attackers with 50 defenders and 5 minutes left all attackers commit mass seppuku.

    Demyansk tank disabling: Because of the light tanks, previously this map was not playable on campaign when factions were swapped for attacking and defending. Now that the tanks are disabled, this map can be played on the campaign server.

    Grain Elevator ticket cutoff disabled: this is a feature that is being tested on our servers to see how it changes the map.

    Apartments mortars: Defenders can now call in two mortar strikes.

    Map balancing: Almost all the maps in RO2 and RS1 have had the map variables changed to make the maps more balanced and fun to play for both sides. Variables changed include tickets, total map time, re-spawn timers and artillery cooldowns.
Keep an eye out for announcements regarding future features to be added to the Extension, as we intend to introduce more features to increase the quality of life of the game experience of RO2/RS1.

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